The motto at Comex: WORK WITH DEVOTION


Products & Services


Exports of listed products: Comex Corporation is capable of exporting the products listed in the products section ON EXSTOCK BASIS. Comex has an extensive data base that takes care of the compliance with the local laws in the importers country and reduces chances of rejection, demurrage and unwanted delay as the goods are cleared quickly both in India and overseas.

Local sourcing and tie up if required for joint venture: Due to its extensive network, COMEX is able to source any new product or develop a new vendor for the existing product line in a short period. The regular service to the hospital industry in the form of educating the customer and product launch comes handy for many professionals.

Hospital Consultancy & Administration: Healthcare is getting more and more competitive and the professionals are facing new challenges, not only of taxes and healthcare management but setting up of hospitals, general administration and local government guidelines. Comex plays a vital role in taking away the non-productive routine work from the hands of the doctors and healthcare professionals with the help of experts in the respective field.

Destination Africa: The current overseas healthcare focus for Comex is Africa. It is a continent, which needs urgent attention. From human as well as commercial point. People in Africa need healthcare at an affordable cost and UN is pledging funds for the same. Comex is going ahead in developing the markets in Africa and the tasks identified are: Identification of Local Partner Training of Local Staff and sourcing of trained staff for their medical facilities Upgrading of equipments and services Design and consultancy for large hospital and medical facilities to be built and arranging financial aid to run them Exports of goods quality consumables and disposables from India Introducing Healthcare insurance through the merger and acquisition routes